Discovery Programs

Summer 2023 Discovery Program Information

The NYC Department of Education will hold Discovery Programs at the eight testing Specialized High Schools in summer 2023. Summer Discovery programs are approximately three to five weeks long and provide opportunities for certain disadvantaged students who scored within a certain range on the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) during the 2022-2023 school year to attend a testing Specialized High School starting Fall 2023.

Only the students who received Discovery information in their offer letter in March 2023 can apply to a summer 2023 Discovery program. If your child has Discovery information in their SHSAT results letter, then please follow the instructions in that letter to submit your child’s Discovery application to your child’s current school counselor. The deadline for families to submit to school staff is April 5, 2023. 

If your child did not receive Discovery information in their offer letter in March 2023, then your child cannot apply to or participate in any summer 2023 Discovery program.

For students who submit a Discovery application and are confirmed to be eligible to participate, program information listed is below. Each student who submits a Discovery application, and is determined to be eligible, can only participate in the Discovery program listed on their Discovery application; students cannot switch to a different Discovery program.

Each Discovery program’s details are below:
Discovery ProgramClass InformationStart and End Dates Weekly Schedule Program Completion Requirements
Brooklyn Technical High School (13K430)Math and HumanitiesJuly 10 - August 10

9am - 12pm

90% attendance and mastery achieved in all courses
The Bronx High School of Science (10X445)English, Math, Student LeadershipJuly 5 - July 28

8:30am - 12:30pm

90% attendance, 90% completion of work
The Brooklyn Latin School (14K449) English, Math, LatinJuly 5 - August 8

9am - 12pm

At least 90% attendance, active participation in classroom activities, pass in all classes and recommended by summer Discovery teachers and staff.
High School for American Studies at Lehman College (10X696)History, English, Math, EnrichmentJuly 5 - July 28

Monday - Thursday

8am - 11:15am

Longer on Thursdays

90% attendance, 90% completion of work
High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College (HSMSE) (05M692) 

Math and ELA

July 5 - August 2


Attendance is maintained weekly with greater than 85% attendance rate (less than 3 absences, barring extenuating circumstances)

Student expresses an eagerness to join the HSMSE community and maintains appropriate behavior and respectful attitudes with peers and faculty

Queens High School for the Sciences at York College (28Q687) 

Math and ELA

July 5 - July 268:00am - 12pm Classwork, participation and assessments demonstrate proficiency in ELA and math Homework completed daily
Staten Island Technical High School (31R605) 

2 classes daily, focusing on Math, Foreign Language, Study Skills, Social Emotional Learning and Peer-to-Peer Mentoring.

July 5 - August 3

9am - 12pm

90% attendance, 90% completion of work
Stuyvesant High School (02M475) Humanities, Math, ScienceJuly 5 - August 2

9am - 1:30pm

Daily attendance, punctual arrival to class, and completion of all assignments and activities