Family Responsibilities and Expectations

Responsibilities when Using MetroCards

Families receiving MetroCards from the NYC Department of Education should:

  • Review our Transportation Safety Tips and the MTA's Riding Safely page
  • Use the MetroCard provided by the school when getting on the bus or entering the subway station
  • Keep the MetroCard in a safe and secure location to prevent loss, theft, and damage
  • Immediately report lost, stolen, or damaged MetroCards to the school; speak with station attendant to request help if your card does not work
  • Not share the MetroCard; there is only one authorized user per card

Responsibilities when Riding a School Bus

  • Immediately update your school and bus driver with any changes to residence, bus stop, contact information, or emergency contact information
  • Follow the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning and all posted school bus and mass transit rules
  • Review the DOE’s Transportation Safety Tips and discuss them with your child
  • Follow requests from bus staff
  • Remain secured by the seatbelt or, if required, occupant mobility device (e.g., wheelchair, car seat, safety vest)
  • Accept assistance from the driver or attendant when necessary
  • Approach the bus only after it comes to a complete stop
  • Use only the front door to enter and exit the bus, and use the handrail when entering and leaving the bus
  • Allow the driver to operate the bus without any disruption, distraction, or interference
  • Stay seated at all times with aisles clear unless directed otherwise by driver or attendant
  • In the event of a short stop, large unsecured items can pose a serious hazard to students and staff on the bus. As such, large items, including but not limited to bikes, scooters, large toys, and other items as determined by bus staff and/or OPT are not permitted on the bus. Students must follow the bus driver’s determination as to what is and is not allowed on the bus.
  • Communicate in a courteous and respectful manner with bus staff and peers
  • Keep hands, head and objects away from open windows
  • On the first day of the school year, be ready and at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • Be at the bus stop on time so that no delay occurs for others; 5 minutes prior to bus arrival is suggested

Specialized Transportation Bus Riders

  • Families must complete the Emergency Contact Card for their bus driver
  • Families must update the school and bus driver with information about all who are authorized to receive your child
  • If a student has any medical or health conditions that might affect their well-being on the bus, their caregiver should work with their IEP team or OPT to request individualized support (such as a paraprofessional or nurse) to address the conditions
  • If an authorized individual is not present to receive your child from the school bus, your child may not be left with an unauthorized individual; the driver and/or attendant are to notify the dispatcher immediately and await further instruction
  • Families may elect a designee, another family member, neighbor, etc., to receive their child, and may further elect to permit the bus driver to deliver their child without an authorized individual present by submitting this information in writing to their school principal and bus driver