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Happening Now

  • The middle school and high school applications are both open now, and the deadline to apply to is March 1, 2022.
  • The registration period for LaGuardia High School auditions is also open; register by March 1 to audition for programs at this Specialized High School.
  • The kindergarten application is now closed. Have a child born in 2017 and missed the deadline? You can still participate in admissions––add yourself to programs' waitlists today with your MySchools.nyc account.

Happening Next

  • Have a child entering 3-K, or pre-K in fall 2022? Set up your MySchools account today: With MySchools, you can explore your child's school options, apply during application periods, and get offer information for next year—all in one place. 
  • Students who took the SHSAT in December 2021 will receive their results, including any offers to the eight testing Specialized High Schools, in April 2022.

New to NYC and need a school now? Visit our New Students page to learn what to do.

How to Apply: Grade by Grade

Click or tap on the links below to learn more about each admissions process.

  • EarlyLearn

    Learn about eligibility for EarlyLearn. These programs provide free or low-cost child care and education for children from 6 weeks to 2 years old. If you qualify, your child can begin a program any time during the year.

  • Head Start

    For qualifying families: Head Start provides safe, positive learning environments for children ages 3-4 to learn, to play, and get ready for kindergarten and beyond. Early Head Start provides child care for children 0-2 years old. Contact programs directly to apply.

  • 3-K

    Apply to free, full-day 3-K programs the year your child turns 3.

  • Pre-K

    Apply to pre-K programs the year your child turns 4. There is a pre-K seat for every 4-year-old NYC resident.

  • Kindergarten

    Your child will enter kindergarten in the calendar year they turn 5. Apply even if your child is a current pre-K student.

  • Middle School

    Apply during your child’s 5th grade year (or 6th grade for students in K-6 schools).

  • High School

    Apply during your child's 8th or (first-time) 9th grade year.

  • Specialized High Schools

    During your child's 8th or (first-time) 9th grade year, register to audition and/or test to apply to the Specialized High Schools.

  • Diversity in Admissions

    Schools across New York City were invited to participate in a pilot initiative to increase diversity within their schools. Learn about the participating schools and initiatives for each grade level.

  • How Students Get Offers to DOE Public Schools

    Learn about the factors that match students with NYC public schools, including how randomly assigned numbers are used in admissions.

2022 NYC Public Schools Admissions Guide

View or download the new 2022 NYC Public Schools Admissions Guide in your language! 

  • This book provides an overview of admissions processes and resources for EarlyLearn (childcare for eligible families), 3-K, pre-K, kindergarten, middle school, and high school, including a section on how to use MySchools.
  • Print copies are now available in 10 languages at schools, early childhood programs, libraries, and other sites.

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