Applying to College

Students holding CUNY banner during college application week

Every New York City student deserves to graduate with college and career options ahead of them. Our goal is to provide every student with support to enroll, access, and thrive in college and career programs.

Application Completion

During the month of October, all high schools are supporting seniors to kickstart their planning for after high school by completing at least one postsecondary application by October 30th. Seniors and their families are encouraged to participate in application completion activities at their schools and at home. Use the tips below to prepare to apply.

Stay on Top of Your Applications

Stay on top of your college and career applications by following these steps:

1. Learn about College and Career Programs

Take advantage of virtual tours, college fairs, info sessions, and fly-in programs to learn more about the college and career programs on your list. Visit Go College NY and My Next Move for more information.

2. Meet Your Match

Students who attend strong match colleges and programs graduate at higher rates. Consider these three factors:

  • Are you eligible academically based on your GPA and test scores?
  • How much financial aid is being offered by the college/program?
  • What type of learning environment and services do you need to be successful?

3. Make a Personalized List

Create a personalized list of 10-20 options. This may include college, certificate and/or job-training programs. Review your list with your school counselor, ask about eligibility for opportunity programs and fee waivers. Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for free application to some schools.

4. Get Ready to Apply

Be sure to review your personalized list with a counselor and your family or an adult you trust. Remember to work on your college essay, supplemental documents, and make sure you have letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, and others. To get started on your first application, check out the CUNY application.

5. Keep Track of Deadlines

Use a calendar to manage deadlines. Once you submit your application, prepare to apply for financial aid to help you pay for college. Starting October 1st, you can complete the FAFSA and New York State Tuition Assistance Program applications.