Condom Availability Program

We offer high school students a Condom Availability Program to help them make decisions that can keep them healthy and safe: Students in grades 9-12 can go to their school’s Health Resource Room to request free:

  • condoms
  • information about HIV/AIDS
  • information about reproductive and sexual health and other health topics, including healthy relationships
  • referrals to health clinics and services in the neighborhood
  • information about how to get tested for sexually transmitted infections

Health Resource Rooms

Health Resource Rooms must be safe, supportive, inclusive places for all students. Staff must keep student visits confidential. They also must have training to work in the resource rooms.

Why Does the DOE Have This Program?

The Condom Availability Program is part of the HIV/AIDS education program in New York City public schools. NY State requires HIV/AIDS education for all students, every year. The information that students get through the Condom Availability Program helps them learn how to:

  • live a healthy life
  • make good decisions that keep them safe
  • communicate with others
  • avoid risky behavior

Find Out More

When your child enrolls in a high school, the principal must give you a letter about the Condom Availability Program. The letter explains what you can do if you do not want your adolescent child to get condoms through the program. Under NY State law, all students have the right to get information and referrals to health services.

If you do not receive the parent letter, or you have questions about your child’s health education programs, talk to your principal or parent coordinator.

For more information about the Condom Availability Program, email