Non-Resident Enrollment

If you live outside of New York City’s five boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island) and would like your child to attend a NYC Department of Education (DOE) public school, you can request to enroll as a non-resident.

If your family does not live in New York City, please note that:

  • Your child cannot attend specialized schools, screened schools or programs, Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs, or 3-K and pre-K programs.
  • Your child cannot participate in our admissions processes.
  • Your child is not eligible for transportation provided by the DOE.
  • You must pay tuition to attend DOE public schools.
  • The DOE must enroll students who live in NYC before enrolling your child.
  • Read Chancellor’s Regulation A-125 to learn more:

Tuition for Non-Residents

The New York State Education Department sets yearly tuition for students who do not live in NYC, as follows:

  • Kindergarten through Grade 6: Tuition is $5,425 for general education students and $48,392 for special education students.
  • Grades 7 through 12: Tuition is $10,040 for general education students and $53,007 for special education students.

Rates can change at any time.

How to Apply

  1. Email your request to attend a DOE public school to one of the following admissions teams, depending on your child's grade:
  2. The DOE will communicate with school leadership to determine if it is possible to offer your child a seat. If it is, you will receive an offer by email.
  3. You will have the option to accept or decline the offer via email.
  4. If you accept this offer, the school will work with you on next steps for registering.
  5. The Office of Non-Public Schools Payables will also be notified that you will be paying tuition, as detailed in the section above.

Charter schools have a separate admissions process.

Enrollment for Students Moving to NYC

If you are moving to New York City, enroll your child in a DOE school after you move.

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