Hidden Voices

  • How Judith Heumann Became the "Mother of the Disability Rights Movement"

    • May 20, 2024
    In this installment of the Hidden Voices series, we’re sharing the story of activist Judy Heumann, a daughter of Holocaust survivors whose advocacy would earn her the nickname “the Mother of the Disability Rights Movement” for her important role in the fight for equal access for people with disabilities.
  • Eugenie Clark, The 'Shark Lady' Who Took a Bite Out of Marine Biology

    • Apr 15, 2024
    In this installment of Hidden Voices, we're sharing the story of Dr. Eugenie Clark, a fish scientist from New York City who earned herself the nickname, "Shark Lady," thanks to her trailblazing research on fish and shark species around the world as well as her personal dedication to protecting sharks and their ocean habitats from extinction.
  • Maritcha Lyons, an Educator “For the Masses”

    • Feb 28, 2024
    In this installment of the Hidden Voices series, learn more about Maritcha Lyons, an educator and activist for many decades in New York City who dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of Black New Yorkers.
  • '¡Su voto es su voz!': Willie Velásquez, Champion for Voting Rights

    • Oct 16, 2023
    In this installment of our ongoing Hidden Voices series, we are sharing the story of Willie Velásquez, the charismatic Mexican American grassroots activist who worked to ensure equal voting rights for Latinos in the United States while also galvanizing Latinos towards participating in the U.S. political process at the local, statewide, and national levels.
  • Movie Star and Barrier-Breaker, Anna May Wong

    • Aug 11, 2023
    Today, we’re sharing the story of Anna May Wong, Hollywood’s first-ever Chinese American movie star, who captivated audiences, earned critical acclaim for her performances, and dared to break free of Hollywood’s early to mid-twentieth century typecasting practices for nonwhite actors.
  • When Edie Met Thea—A New York Love Story

    • Jul 5, 2023
    In this installment of the Hidden Voices series, learn more about Edith “Edie” Windsor, a computer programmer and pioneering LGBTQ+ activist best known for her role in the landmark Supreme Court case, United States v. Windsor, that helped lead towards the eventual legalization of gay marriage in the United States.
  • Dr. Joanne Chory is Changing the World—One Seed at a Time

    • Apr 28, 2023
    In this installment of the Hidden Voices series, learn more about Dr. Joanne Chory, a Lebanese American plant geneticist whose early work revolutionized botany and who is now dedicated to the global fight against climate change.
  • Bernice Sandler, “Godmother” of Title IX

    • Mar 31, 2023
    Hidden Voices, our ongoing series celebrating the lives of individuals who are often "hidden" from traditional historical records, continues with our profile of Bernice Sandler, the first chair of the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs, and champion of the groundbreaking Title IX law that transformed student athletics in the United States.
  • Victor H. Green, Creator and Publisher of the ‘Green Book’

    • Feb 28, 2023
    In this installment of our Hidden Voices series, we’re honoring Victor H. Green, a Harlem native who created the “Green Book” – a travel guide that helped thousands of African Americans safely navigate across the United States throughout the twentieth century.
  • Reaching for the Stars with Mary Golda Ross

    • Nov 22, 2022
    Our Hidden Voices series continues with our profile of Mary Ross Golda, the first Native American woman to become an aerospace engineer, and one of NASA's "Hidden Figures!"