Hidden Voices

  • Emily Roebling, Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge

    • Mar 31, 2022
    As we continue with our ongoing Hidden Voices series, we're featuring Emily W. Roebling, the acting engineer responsible for the construction and completion of New York's "Eighth Wonder of the World," the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • Florence Mills, Queen of Happiness

    • Feb 28, 2022
    As our ongoing Hidden Voices series continues, we're featuring Broadway legend, Florence Mills, whose unique voice, stage presence, hard work, and personal commitment to Black representation on Broadway during the 1920's helped set the stage for the rise of jazz and the integration of Black artists into Broadway productions.
  • Celebrating Indigenous Heroes

    • Oct 14, 2021
    This installment of our Hidden Voices series is dedicated to five Native American figures who have made their mark on our nation. Learn more about these outstanding individuals, and check out our embedded resources for additional details!
  • The 'Passionate Life' of Dr. Antonia Pantoja

    • Oct 4, 2021
    Our Hidden Voices series, which began as a collaboration with the Museum of the city of New York, highlights important people from American history who have been "hidden" from traditional historical records. Our first profile in the series features Dr. Antonia Pantoja, one of the country's most influential civil rights and education leaders of the 20th Century.