SAT School Day

Taking the SAT is a critical stepping-stone on a student’s path toward college and career success. SAT School Day is an opportunity for all NYCDOE 11th grade students to take the SAT free of charge during a regular school day. 

The citywide SAT School Day removes a number of barriers to SAT participation for students: individually registering for the test; requesting a fee waiver; traveling to an unfamiliar location; and having to take the test on a Saturday, when students and families may have other obligations. Incorporating the SAT as a school activity also promotes a strong college and career culture – students envisioning and thinking about college and career planning throughout their high school career. 

Beginning in spring 2024, the SAT will be administered digitally, only, in NYC schools and on weekends. You can learn more about the digital SAT on the College Board website. 

5 Things Students and Families Can Do to Prepare for SAT School Day

  1. Create a College Board account and explore Big Future for college planning resources. Use the Make a Plan tool to get a step-by-step road map for applying to college.
  2. Create a Khan Academy account and link it to your College Board account to use your PSAT scores for personalized official SAT practice. 
  3. Students requiring testing accommodations should submit consent forms to school counselor well in advance of test day. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Digital SAT Structure and download the Bluebook testing application to prepare for testing day.
  5. Learn how to understand your scores and determine the best-fit colleges to send your scores to using your 4 free score sends from SAT School Day.

Tips for Students Taking the Exam

  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Pack your backpack with a calculator, water and snacks the night before. 
  • Do not leave any answers blank, there are no penalties for wrong answers. 
  • Trust yourself and stay positive, you got this!