Equity Council Elections

Composition and Selection

The Equity Council is comprised of fifteen (15) parent leaders: nine (9) Community Education Council (CEC) members, four (4) Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) members, and two (2) Citywide Council members. These parent leaders are selected as follows: 
  • CEC parent leaders in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx elect 2 members in their respective boroughs
  • CEC parent leaders in Staten Island elect 1 member
  • CPAC parent leaders elect 4 members
  • Citywide Council parent leaders elect 2 members
  • Equity Council members serve one-year terms. 

How to Apply

Parent Leaders: If you are interested in serving on the Equity Council as one of the 15 parents elected by the Community and Citywide Education Council (CCEC) and CPAC members, please submit your completed application (see below) and personal statement to EquityCouncilApplications@schools.nyc.gov by 11:59PM on December 3, 2023.

Candidate Eligibility

  • Must be a current member of a CCEC or CPAC
  • Must have served on a CCEC or CPAC for one year
  • No prior removal from any parent government structure
  • Not the subject of a substantiated Chancellor's Regulation D-210 complaint
  • Must have availability to review cases in person and/or virtually
  • Commitment to a full year term


  • Members sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality of case-related documents and materials.
  • Members cannot review cases corresponding to their citywide council, district, and/or borough.
  • Members will voluntarily recuse themselves from cases where they have a conflict of interest.
  • Members will support discussions related to amendments to Chancellor's Regulation D-210.
  • Members will review cases in a panel consisting of three (3) of the 15 members.


  • All CCEC and CPAC members are eligible to vote once for up to three (3) candidates in their respective category (Borough, CPAC, or Citywide Council).
  • CCEC and CPAC members may also vote for themselves as one of the three choices.
  • Members who are both on a CCEC and CPAC are eligible to vote in both categories.
  • Members will be appointed based on the results of the votes as follows:
    • Top two CEC candidates for Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx
    • Top candidate for Staten Island
    • Top four candidates for CPAC
    • Top two candidates for Citywide Councils


Run-off elections can occur when more than one candidate is tied in top positions for a particular category (CEC, CPAC, Citywide Council).

In the case of a tie, between or among candidates, only the candidates who were tied will be entered in the run off.


If vacancies occur, FACE will appoint based on previous voting results.


Must be in writing, addressed to the Equity Compliance Officer (ECO) at eco@schools.nyc.gov. Resignations shall take effect immediately upon delivery to the ECO unless a future date is specified. Resignations may not be withdrawn, canceled, or amended except by consent of FACE.