Computer Science Education

What is Computer Science Education? 

Computer science (CS) is the study of the capabilities and limitations of computers. Through computer science education, students develop computational thinking (CT), or the ability to understand how CS can be applied in all areas of life. NYC Public Schools students develop computational thinking through using computers in creative ways.

Computer Science for All (CS4All) 

The Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative of NYC Public Schools works to ensure that schools expand CS exposure, offer access to real-life CS experiences, and create an inclusive community in computer science for all students. Through the work of the CS4All initiative, students will be better prepared to use computer science during their K-14 experience and after graduation. 

In keeping with Chancellor Banks’ bold vision for career-connected learning as the key to activating student passion and purpose and reimagining the educational experience for NYC Public Schools students, CS4All helps students build core skills as 21st century learners, including computational thinking. 

Thinking With the Computer 

CS4All is working to ensure that NYC students learn to think critically with the computer, instead of using computers to convey their thinking. Through CS education, students learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking, while collaborating and building relationships with peers. In computer science classes, students: 

  • Learn to code and use it in their projects
  • Work with teachers and peers to solve any issues they might face while coding
  • Build physical models as part of the design process, and
  • Participate in non-technological activities to introduce students to the basics of CS. 

Implementing Computer Science 

Through CS4All, NYC Public Schools teachers and administrators receive extensive professional learning and resources to implement computer science curriculum in their classrooms. 

Schools can implement CS education in a way that fits their curriculum. Computer science can be a semester-long course, a multi-year cycle, or included into other content subject courses (e.g. science, math, or art). For more information on how CS education works in NYC Public Schools, visit

Educator Resources 

All educators are welcome to use CS4All’s curriculum and instructional materials which are shared on the Blueprint for CS Education