Ephraim Zakry, Budget Committee Chair

Ephraim Zakry is a multiethnic immigrant who learned English as a fourth language. His children attend New York City public schools, and he himself graduated from one in Queens. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Computer Science from Columbia University and holds a graduate degree in Quantitative Finance from New York University’s Courant Institute. He has extensive knowledge of financial operations, statistical arbitrage, derivatives trading, and market microstructure. Zakry recently served as First Vice President of the Citywide Council on High Schools, where he chaired the SCA Capital Plan Committee and the Presidents’ Councils/SLT/Title 1 Committee. He has years of experience as a parent leader serving on the Queens HS Presidents’ Council, CPAC High School Committee, PA/PTA executive board, Citywide Title 1, and school and district leadership teams.

Email: EZakry@schools.nyc.gov