Tazin Azad

Tazin Azad is a mother of three public school children and Brooklynite since she had emigrated to this country. She is a parent advocate and an elected parent leader, who held leadership positions in school, district, Borough and City-level parent engagement platforms, including parent association President in multiple schools, District Title 1 Parent Advisory Council Chair, District Leadership Team Chair, Community Education Council Vice President and its Equity Committee Chair. Furthermore, Tazin is a hyper-local community organizer working with Bangladeshi and immigrant communities to develop civic representation and access to resources. She centers her work around meaningful equity and sustainable inclusion, in the educational context and beyond, with particular focus on racial justice and language justice for NYC’s Black, indigenous, students of color, students in temporary housing, students with disabilities and neurodivergence, multilingual students and those who are socio-economically disenfranchised . She is intentional in addressing systemic racism, barriers and marginalized in order to dismantle them, to work towards an educational experience worthy of our youth and their families. 

Email: tazad4@schools.nyc.gov